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Social Studies - Mr. Leecock

Week of 6/15 to 6/19

Mr. Leecock Video

Assignment 1

During this school year we have studied many ancient civilizations and people. We studied these civilizations and their people in a variety of ways as well: maps, readings, nearpod, “sticks of doom” teamwork. No matter which way we learned about them we always looked at important events, achievements, and artifacts from each civilization.

This pandemic is something that will be talked about and studied for generations to come. Your final task is to choose 1 item that relates to this pandemic- such as a picture, a piece art, something you wrote, a piece of technology. You should include an image of the 1 item (it can be a picture you take or one you found on Google) and write a description of what the item is and why/how it was important to you during this pandemic. Responses must be a minimum of 7 well written sentences in order to earn credit.

Assignment 2

Prior to the pandemic ending in class learning, we did study many people and civilizations. We learned about early hominids (including Otzi), Mesopotamia (including Hammurabi), Egypt and its pharaohs (Upper & Lower – including the fun of trying to remember Upper was south and lower was north!!!), Phoenicia, the Arabian Peninsula (Israelites and Islamic societies), and we were learning about the Silk Road and its travelers when the Pandemic closed schools. 

Thinking about the topics we covered while we were in school (you can include online if you like)- I would like to know which topic was your favorite? What made it your favorite (was it a project we did, a video we watched, did “sticks of doom” help)? Please be as specific as possible to help me learn more about your favorites from my class this year! (If you want to include your least favorite from this school year, please do- but I’m pretty sure many of you hated my sticks of doom for group work!)

Week of 6/8 to 6/12
Central & South America - Week 2

Week of 6/1 to 6/5

Central America & South America – Week 1

This week we begin to Central America and South America! To help guide your learning, I have created 2 Nearpod activities for you (1 of the 2 is a Newsela reading with questions).  All Nearpod codes are embedded in the directions along with links to my youtube video

South America 1 Directions

Week of 5/25 to 5/29

Africa – Week 4

 This week will be our last learning about Africa- this week you have one reading (with questions) that describes and reviews culture in West Africa. After completing the reading and questions- there is a 2nd nearpod code to complete a mini-assessment- you can use any of the Africa materials you completed and any of the readings/nearpods we have done (if you need to, you may not!) .

Society and Culture – NEARPOD #1
All questions must be answered with complete sentences and details from the text. I would suggest to download the reading from the nearpod and sharing the screen with the questions.


NEARPOD #2 – Complete this code when you are ready to complete a mini Africa assessment.


Week of 5/18 to 5/22
Africa – Week 3

Africa 3 Directions

Africa - week 3 Youtube

This week focuses on the Mali Empire: there are 2 readings and a PowerPoint project to complete.

1) Complete a reading about the Mali Empire, once the you have completed reading there are questions to answer. Answer the questions using complete sentences and evidence from the text. 

2) After completing the reading and questions here there is a nearpod code for you to complete- including directions for a Travel Blog project!

                                           (CODE: SBGIY)

Week of 5/11 to 5/15

Africa – Week 2 Directions

Last week you learned about physical geography on the Africa continent.  This week we will learn about some of Africa’s civilizations and how they interacted with the physical geography around them.  This week you have 3 assignments- a Nearpod, analyzing a trade routes map, and a reading (with questions) about the Trans-Sahara trade routes.  You should look for – and notice – how the African trade routes connected to the Silk Road.

Africa 2 Directions and Nearpod Assignment
Trans-Saharan Trade Routes Reading

Week of 5/4 - 5/8
Africa 1 Directions
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